How Much is a Cat Carrier?

It is not always necessary to carry your cat in a carrier or a cage. Cats like to move on their own. But in maximum cases, they are seen to be really busy in cuddling or sleeping.

They are really comfort-loving animal.  So, like a good cat owner, you should have a nice cat carrier for your beloved animal.

But now there is a little bit of a confusion about buying a cat carrier. Because there are a variety of carriers in the market of different prices.

The price of carrier really matters and everyone wants to buy the best product in their affordable range.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the cost of different types of cat carriers.

Types of Cat Carriers

There are numerous types of carriers.  One can use some homemade products to make a cat carrier. Like unused cardboard box, plastic basket, pillowcases or rubber bags. But these types of carriers are not safe for the cat.

There is a great chance of your cat escaping away or getting hurt by the carrier if the carrier is not efficiently designed. That’s why you have to be careful about choosing a carrier.

Mainly carriers are made with clothes, cardboard or hard plastic. The cardboard carrier is mainly used during the time of adoption.

This type of carrier is not that much long-lasting. Cardboard carriers get spoiled in rain or in the presence of any kind of liquid like cat’s urine. It can’t be washed and requires approval for airlines use.

A soft-sided carrier is mainly made of clothes (nylon or ballistic nylon). They are light and easy to carry and clean. But your cat should be calm if you are choosing a soft-sided carrier otherwise there is a huge possibility of your cat tearing apart the carrier out of nervousness.

A hard-sided carrier is mainly made of hard plastic and this type of carrier has great durability.

These carriers are easy to wash and more efficient in terms of protection than a soft-sided carrier. Hard-sided carrier gives more user satisfaction than any other carriers.

The Usual Price Range of Carriers

The carriers used for traveling usually range in price from $10 to $200. The price mainly depends on comfort, functionality, security and some other features.  Let’s take a look at what different types of cat carriers cost:

Cardboard carriers

These carriers can be bought under $10.  These are really cheap and you can use them for short-term use. Shop for cardboard carriers here.

Soft-sided carriers

These carriers range from $7 to $190. You can buy a perfect and multi-featured soft-sided cat carrier at a medium price like $18 to $30. Some good choices are:

Most of them have airline approval along with many other features. These carriers are enough spacious and comfortable for travel purpose.

Hard-sided carriers

These carriers range between $8 to $120 and one can buy at a medium price also range from $30 to $50. Some good choices are:

Bag pack system

These types of carriers are really costly. But these carriers are really comfortable during traveling.

Their price ranges from $55 to over $95. Here is a good collection of bag pack system cat carriers.

Pet stroller

With these type of carrier, you can walk around with your pet with less effort and more comfort. You can get them within $45 to $100 price range. Here are different types of pet strollers.

Portable Cat Carrier

These cat carriers are huge and you can fit two or three cats in it at a time. You can also put a small box in it. It will cost you around $49 -$55. Shop for portable cat carriers here.

Car seat cat carrier

These cat carriers cost a lot. You can buy it in the range of $140-$160. But they look fabulous and really comfortable. Here is a good collection for car seat cat carrier.

Some Additional Costs

If you only buy a cat carrier, that’s not enough for your cat. There are also some additional spending like food and water bowl or cup, stickers, padding, and bedding.

The cups that are made for drinking water or feeding meal cost about $3-$12. In some carriers, cups and bedding are included. You can also stick up some labels or funny colorful sticker to enhance the beauty of your cat carrier. Stickers are really cheap. If there is not any bedding in the carrier, you can place a bedding in it. It will cost around $1.88 to $15.99.

A proper example of a cat carrier

Necoichi Ultra-Light Portable Cat Carrier is a kind of carrier that can adjust in your budget with all great features likes light-weight and really durable.

It will cost you approximately $13-$17. 18 pounds can be accommodated, there are side panels for ventilation and can be folded.

So, this is really suitable for your loving pet.

You Must Take Under Consideration

  • Before purchasing a carrier, you have to check if it contains airline approval or not. This is especially important if you’re a regular airline traveler. Airlines have some really strict rules and regulations towards pets. Different airlines have different rules regarding pet carrier so be sure about the carrier features before traveling by plane.
  • The carrier should be enough spacious or your cat will feel uneasy. Also, the carrier should be comfortable for the pet.
  • You have to ensure that the handle is strong enough to carry the weight of the pet.
  • There should be adequate ventilation in the pet carrier.
  • It would be easier to move in and out your cat if the carrier can be opened from the top side also.

This is all about how much is a cat carrier.

I hope you have got a proper idea about different types of cat carriers and their price range and this will help you buy the best carrier for your cat within your budget.